Friday, April 1, 2011

Today’s the Day!

(An aside: You can read the first ten pages of Mercy here.)

Well, kind of. According the information that I sent to a whole lot of bloggers, today is the “official” release date of “Mercy.”


Apparently, the internet is celebrating by buying copies of my short story, “Fairy Godmother-In-Law.” Not that I’m complaining. A sale is a sale.

Is there anything else worth sharing today?


I’ve got one more person who wants to do a review. I’ve got a blog interview that I need to writer answers for because it’s going up next week. And I’ve got another blog guest post that I need to think about writing, like, right now.

But otherwise?

I guess today is helpful hint day.

If you want to buy my book, here are some links:

Mercy on Kindle

Mercy on nook

Fairy Godmother-In-Law on Kindle

Fairy Godmother-In-Law on nook

And if you’re saying to yourself, “Self, I don’t have a Kindle or a nook. If only I could read the book on my iPad. Or iPhone. Or Android. Or PC. Or Mac. Or some other place…”

You can!

Free Kindle Apps

Free nook Apps

And there you have it. Every possible reason to go buy “Mercy.” Heck, it’s $2.99. That’s less than coffee at Starbucks.

Plus the effect is the same: Keeping you up late at night…

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  1. I finished the book and enjoyed it. POD People's review will be up on Wednesday.