Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talking Idol, Again

I’m going to admit, I’m mostly here to gloat that I called the next two to go down so easily.

I wasn’t sad to see Thia go, as I think she gave us everything she had to offer. I hope she has fun on tour, and perhaps with a few more years of life behind her, she’ll learn how to emote.

Naima, though. Man. Sorry to see her go, but not surprised. And while I loved the idea of a reggae take on “I’m Still Standing,” the accent was a poor, poor, poor idea.

As for the rest of ‘em, a friend of mine said I should consider a reshuffle. I think I’ll leave the names in the same order, and just update my thoughts.

James – The man puts on a show every time. While everyone else plays it safe, he’s giving James In Concert. I do wonder if he might be too much of a goofball to win, but no one is having more fun.

Jacob – This boy is reigning it in, and good for him. If he keeps at it, I think he may just overtake James.

Pia – Fast songs or slow, the girl doesn’t move. That’s cool. But it’s not “winner” cool. Still, man, what a voice.

Lauren – Now that all the saves are gone, Lauren’s fate is sealed, because there’s no one to save her when she tumbles. She’s a sweetheart, to be sure, but she’s got a Thia problem – she just hasn’t lived long enough to really pack an emotional punch.

Casey – I still love Casey, and I’m more than a little shocked that voters turned against him. I don’t really buy in conspiracy theories, but I wouldn’t be at all shocked if, twenty years down the road, someone didn’t admit that the vote was rigged because the show was getting boring. Still, he’s an odd dude, and I can’t see him winning.

Scotty – Scotty may last longer than I originally thought, but he’s one-note. People love that note, though.

Paul – Hit the bottom three last week, and a friend of mine thinks he’ll be gone next week. Nah. Too many fans at this point who love his voice, even if he isn’t the greatest singer. He’s got another couple weeks to go.

Stefano – The dude is trying to learn not to close his eyes, and failing. Lovely voice, but he’s been hanging around the bottom for a while and I don’t see much in a way of signage for him. He’ll be gone soon.

Haley – My wife likes the growl. I think the growl is lame, and one-note. If I had to guess, she might make it through this week based on last week’s performance, which was pretty good. But… probably not.

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