Monday, October 15, 2012

How You Can Help Me Sell Books At No Cost To You!

(True story!)


Hey everybody.  I just wanted to thank everyone who bought a copy of my book Blood Calling.  It’s been selling better than anything else I’ve ever written, which is really cool and makes me feel very author-y.


I wanted to pass this idea along, as it’s something an author friend of mine once suggested for his own books.


If you can’t afford a copy of my book, or just want to spread the word about my book, can you contact your local library and ask them to pick up a copy?


In many cases, you don’t even have to visit your local library to accomplish this.  For example, my library has an “Interlibrary loan/purchase request” link (you can see it here, it’s on the right-hand side):


Usually, they ask for things like the title and the ISBN, which are easily found on the Amazon page:


So, for example, here’s Blood Calling:


And here’s Blood Iris, an anthology I’m in:


Now all you have to do is open up your local library site, pull the information from the linked pages, and wait…


Back when I was unemployed, I made a few requests to the library for things I just couldn’t justify buying, and they came through for me again and again.  As a thanks, I gave them a copy of my book, and will continue to do so when future books of mine come out.


But seeing as how I have friends all over the country, well… another book on the shelves is another chance for me to find a new reader.


Thanks, all.

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