Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All About Disney and Star Wars

So Disney bought Lucasfilm.  Which is to say, they bought Star Wars, and they plan to have Star Wars Episode VII out in theaters by 2015.


John Scalzi nailed it, inasmuch as he pointed at The Avengers and said, “Well, clearly Disney can do this thing right.”


Do I agree?  Yeah, mostly.  But sadly, this also means that the Star Wars mythos is going to wander away from what the movies always were: The One Holy True Writ.


I mean, if you want a Star Wars fix, there are comics, and novels, and toys, and a games, and video games, and LARPing, and TV shows, and fan films, and you know what?  None of them counted, because they weren’t the movies, which is the place George Lucas took a stand and said, “None of that stuff matters, only this counts.”


Except now, they won’t.  The movies will be just another franchise, played with by many with varying degrees of success not unlike, say, The Children of the Corn. 


There are those (and there are many) who will be happy to see Lucas taken away from his toys.  Those are the people who make jokes like, “What prequel trilogy?”  But if they thought that was bad, they need to realize that things can get a whole lot worse.


Friday the 13th Part V worse.


“The Golden Compass,” “Oh, we’re never gonna finish that trilogy because it crashed and burned,” worse.


Meanwhile, everyone is all, “Get Joss Whedon.”  And I’m not saying no, here, but there just happens to be someone else with some free time on his hands.


Four Words: Christopher Nolan’s Star Wars.






Look, there are a lot cool things that could be done, and a lot of fun place to take the series, but in the end, it’s never going to go back to what it was, the vision of one man with a love of ancient sci-fi novels and serials.  Instead, it’ll be a product produced by a production company.


And for that, I shed a tiny, CGI-created tear.

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