Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Agents of SHIELD = Firefly

Okay, I’m calling it:


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is basically Joss Whedon’s crack at Firefly 2.0.


He just took the characters, shook them up a bit to scramble the elements, and sent them on new missions.


Coulson / Mal – basically the same guy.  Kind of a goofy leader.  Only Whedon stripped the “River” medical mystery off of River and stuck it on Coulson.


Ward / Jayne – not a big leap here.  Ward is slightly smarter, I guess.  But he still kinda likes just punching stuff.


Kaylee / Sky – super competent technical female.


Fitz / Simone  – super-smart science guy with a little of Wash’s goofball charm.


Simmons / Inara – Only, you know, it’s Disney-owned, so “companions” are RIGHT OUT. 


Zoey / May – with a little of River’s fighting skill mixed in.  Follows “the boss” even though she doesn’t like it much at times.


I realize this leaves us with no Book equivalent, but then again, they actually stuck that actor on the show.  Plus, in a world where Thor exists, perhaps religious ponderings are a little too heady.


Firefly / Giant Plane.


Each week, they go on new adventures.


It’s all there, people.

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  1. I agree with everything you pointed out. But because I like Coulson, I have the opportunity of possibly seeing Thor (Yay!) and I hate that Firefly was cancelled in the first place, I have no choice but to submit to Whedon's demands and be sucked in :)