Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Good News, Some Okay News, and More Good News

I got in touch with Ethiopia Reads about my plan to give them 10% of my book sales, and was met with kindly approval.

I’d quote directly from the email they sent me, but that’s generally considered a little uncouth. Suffice to say, they’ve worked with other folks who’ve done similar things. I’m pretty stoked to know that they’re stoked.

As for the okay news, I got another review of “Mercy:”

For the majority of this book I had no idea how Georgina’s daughter Mercy plays into the all of this except for Georgina writing about her adopted daughter and giving examples of what she had to do to integrate her daughter into society and how one of the survivors, Tracy, reminds her of Mercy. In the end it does make sense and shows a mother’s undying love for her child who she doesn't know is dead or alive. That love is what keeps Georgina going.

Three stars. You know, you can’t win ‘em all, and I’m deeply grateful for every review I get. So, you know… still a win!

Finally, a long-awaited review finally goes live – this time for “Baby Teeth: A Blood Calling Novelette:”

This is the third work of his that I’ve read, and I’m absolutely in love with his writing style and imaginative storylines.

And speaking of “Blood Calling,” the book that shares a character with “Baby Teeth,” the book is written. It needs editing, and some copyediting, but the book is now 90-95% of what it’s going to be. And it really will be coming out in August.

Also, after talking to friends and a couple fans, I’ve decided to release my very first novella, “Pedestrian Wolves” (which may or may not have a new title when I’m done editing it).

So, yeah. Things are good.

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