Thursday, March 24, 2011

Idol Talk

Okay, so I posted last night that I thought James was going to win American Idol, and also my wife and I had a long conversation about who is out the door and when.

Because this is the Internet, I thought it would be fun to post my list of who I think is leaving and when, because I’m sure I’ll end up looking stupid, and that’s always good for a laugh.

Top of the list is staying, bottom is leaving. Though I’ll be honest, “worst” is all relative here, as most of these people singer better than… I dunno. 99% of the country, probably.

Margin-of-error-wise, I’d guess that at best I’m off by a week or two of each of these. (Meaning, say, Naima might go this week… but then Thia will go the next. And so on.)

James – I seriously think this guy is going to win because he has yet to screw up, even a little bit. The guy can, apparently, sing anything, and he’s got charisma to burn. Maybe I’m just being easy on him because I thought he was going to spend the whole season screaming…

Jacob – Great voice, and it seemed like this week he learned that being screechy shouldn’t happen through an entire song. He could probably win, but sooner or later I think he’ll fall victim to a bad song choice or three.

Pia – The girl can’t sing a wrong note, but she doesn’t move very much. Could have a career as a Celine Dion impersonator.

Lauren – Honestly, I think Lauren is a little too young to go this high, but if she gets cut early, the judges will save her, because they looove her. Frankly, I think she’s sixteen, and lacks any kind of emotional backdrop the draw from, so she’s all timid. I think if she came back in a few years, she could take it.

Casey – Casey is my favorite. Mega-talented, can do just about no wrong. But I think he’s a little too “different” to win against the prettier people. No matter. Dude’ll have a career, and I would TOTALLY see him in concert.

Scotty – Scotty can only sing country, and good for him. Post-Idol, he’ll get a record deal and be a solid gold-record-maker, year in and year out. But his one talent will only take him so far on Idol.

Paul – Apparently, Paul is the “vote for the worst” guy. Which is sad, because he just seems really, really, really nice. And he has a really cool voice. Whenever he gets cut, he’ll walk with a record deal. Or spend the rest of his life as a Rod Stewart impersonator. Either way, he’ll be fine.

Stefano – Great voice, generic singer, can’t open his eyes and sing at the same time.

Haley – She keeps falling to the bottom three, and I’m not much of a fan of her performances in general.

Naima – I’ve actually seen her dance, live. She’s awesome. But her singing is good, not great, and she’s almost been cut a few times. I suspect she’ll be gone soon. I shall miss her dancing.

Thia – Belongs on Miss Teen America, not American Idol. She’s got a great voice, but is generally boring, and I won’t be sad to see her go.

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